glass for cars

Egyptian Company for Glass Industries is a pioneering company in the manufacture of automobile glass industry, fronts, and double glazing glass in Egypt and the Middle East. The first company in the production of automotive glass and buses in its various models, and currently produces more than one thousand five hundred (1,500) models of various Japanese, European, American and Korean cars.
Suppling the local and international market with all types of glass for cars, minibuses, buses, trailers, and security vehicles (fronts, backs, and doors), as well as all types of fronts glass (flats and bumpers)
All kinds of glass of double glasses
Replacing and installing all types of car and bus windows with the latest equipment needed by the company’s service centers.
Distinguished team of technicians, engineers and experts.
All technical consultations and solutions in the manufacture of various glass products.
High level of service in meeting customers’ desires and resolving all customer complaints to reach the highest level of customer satisfaction

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