Vehicles Glass

Egyptian Company for Glass Industries is a pioneering company in the manufacture of automobile glass industry, fronts, and double glazing glass in Egypt and the Middle East. The first company in the production of automotive glass and buses in its various models, and currently produces more than one thousand five hundred (1,500) models of various Japanese, European, American and Korean cars.
• The company imports the finest raw materials from major European, American and Japanese companies.
• The glass meets the highest specifications, with each glass piece inspected individually at every production stage to ensure compliance with the highest quality standards.
• The company currently has a high percentage of local markets in Egypt and foreign markets in Arab and African countries.
• The company deals with most automotive glass installation service centers throughout the Republic making it the nearest destination to you locally.
• In most Arab and African markets, thanks to the outsourcing of this company, you can easily get your product.

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